Tutorial: CentOS 6.4 Apache+MySQL+PHP+mod_pagespeed+Varnish

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Title a bit long there? Yeah buddy. I’m not going to tell you how to set up a web server that sits idle with 3MB of RAM usage. No sir. I’m going to tell you how to set up a web server that laughs in the face of high traffic and serves it with dignity. I hover at around 380-400MB of memory in use at all times on this server. The trade off? A few thousand page views has less of an impact on how it scales beyond that much…read more


Install LXC + Panel on Ubuntu 13.04 w/NAT

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Sometimes OpenVZ is more than I want on a dedicated server. Sometimes I want a new kernel. LXC is container based “virtualization” that provides a native performance alongside the host operating system, much like OpenVZ does. Additionally, sometimes I want to separate the environment which houses my individual services but I don’t necessarily need a bunch of IPs. I might have ZNC in one, a web server in another, nothing that particularly conflicts, I just prefer the service isolation. This is how I achieve the result that I desire.