Enable IPTables Modules on OpenVZ

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This applies to OpenVZ on RHEL based Linux systems. This would also be known as the guide on how to make CSF work properly on an OpenVZ container. There are guides all over the internet about how to do this. As of a while back, these are almost all incorrect and will result in failure, as well as significant confusion. You see, with the release of vzctl 4.7 the iptables value in container configuration (–iptables flag to vzctl) became useless. To make matters worse, VZ still accepts the flag and…read more


CentOS 6.5 x64 LAMP Easy Setup Script

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In a previous blog post I outlined the steps that I follow to set up Apache, PHP, MySQL, mod_pagespeed, and Varnish on a CentOS 5.4 system. I have an updated setup for my CentOS 6.5 stack right now. This version includes all of the above with the exception of Varnish. Rather than give you a new guide, I’ve gone a step further. I have created a simple bash script which simply executes everything you need, including securing the MySQL installation. This is designed for CentOS 6.5 64-bit. This works with…read more


Shared Hosting Experiment

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UPDATE: May 09, 2014 This experiment died before I was ready to start publishing data. GoDaddy web hosting includes a 1MB/s IO limit, website suspension for excessively low CPU usage from the lightest of WordPress brute force attacks, and if you manage to go with their WordPress hosting it comes free with random downtime acknowledged only later with a statement equal to “Well it’s working now.” While they have done a LOT to improve their image and their product, it is not production quality hosting for a single user with…read more


Tutorial: CentOS 6.4 Apache+MySQL+PHP+mod_pagespeed+Varnish

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Title a bit long there? Yeah buddy. I’m not going to tell you how to set up a web server that sits idle with 3MB of RAM usage. No sir. I’m going to tell you how to set up a web server that laughs in the face of high traffic and serves it with dignity. I hover at around 380-400MB of memory in use at all times on this server. The trade off? A few thousand page views has less of an impact on how it scales beyond that much…read more


Install LXC + Panel on Ubuntu 13.04 w/NAT

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Sometimes OpenVZ is more than I want on a dedicated server. Sometimes I want a new kernel. LXC is container based “virtualization” that provides a native performance alongside the host operating system, much like OpenVZ does. Additionally, sometimes I want to separate the environment which houses my individual services but I don’t necessarily need a bunch of IPs. I might have ZNC in one, a web server in another, nothing that particularly conflicts, I just prefer the service isolation. This is how I achieve the result that I desire.