Shared Hosting Experiment

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May 09, 2014

This experiment died before I was ready to start publishing data. GoDaddy web hosting includes a 1MB/s IO limit, website suspension for excessively low CPU usage from the lightest of WordPress brute force attacks, and if you manage to go with their WordPress hosting it comes free with random downtime acknowledged only later with a statement equal to “Well it’s working now.” While they have done a LOT to improve their image and their product, it is not production quality hosting for a single user with light traffic.


Throughout the years I have always witnessed a consistent attitude among self-proclaimed power users and obsessive but not so informed regular users. That attitude is one that frequently proclaims “Shared hosting sucks.” It isn’t usually stated so clearly. Usually the feeling is expressed more similarly to “The company I am hosting with this month sucks.” I will watch these users rotate, rarely happy with a big name company.

Well it is my opinion that shared web hosting companies are all relatively similar. I hear horrible stories about all of the big names in the industry. Sometimes I think people stop obsessively checking their websites on the smaller companies, or finally accept certain things as “normal” that they didn’t before, leading to decreased complaining when they finally realize that they simply are not going to get any better in the market they are shopping in.

How strongly do I feel about this opinion? This self-proclaimed power user and Linux system administrator has decided to go production on shared hosting for one year. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve chosen the most typical of the companies that “suck” according to most. I’ve chosen one that I have no bias over. I’ve chosen GoDaddy for this experiment.

In the next few days, a new blog will be launched to keep up with this experiment. This will include statistics and experiences of my year as a client of a company that means nothing special to me, that has been labeled “crap” by so many outspoken people for several years. The story isn’t mine to tell, it’s up to the host to decide how this story plays out. I, for one, am excited to see what happens. Stay tuned for the announcement of the launch of the new blog.